These were the courses or sharing conducted in 2011

Edtech induction for new staff
5 Jan
Innovation comm i-cube presentation
7 Jan
Combined staff meeting
IT Road Show(I)
18 Jan
Coordinated with external vendors(hardwares+softwares)
Wikispaces course for new and existing staff(refresher course)
18 Jan
With TanCK
Sharing on WeShare, Edumall with EL Dept
27 Jan
Conduct course on Prezi
24 Feb
For staff who signed up
Preso on Staff Suggestion Board
2 March
Staff Meeting
Preso on “My Learning Journey with Web 2.0”
4 March
For MOE Dir/ET
Preso on “4W 1H ICT infusion in my lessons”
11 March
For Softbank Corp, Japan
MOE Excelfest
1-2 April
12 April
Chem Dept
Web 2.0 Fun Tools
5 May
For staff who signed up
Preso for WZCOE Science & Technology, Science Teachers’ Seminar 2011
“Enhancing Pedagogy through collaborative and reflective practice”
3 Jun
River Valley High School
E-learning Asia Forum 2011, NTU
“Impact of Social Media and Web 2.0 in Teaching and Learning. Opportunities, Threats and Potentials”
9 Jun
  • Combined preso with chungwc, chiakp,angsh,chewty
  • Seminar
  • NTU
Edtech induction for new staff
21 Jun
Innovation comm i-cube presentation
24 Jun
Combined staff meeting
Wikispaces course for new staff
28 Jun
With TanCK
World Of Materials Science
Module : Intro to Materials Science
30 Jun
For students(HCI

+other IP schools)
who signed up
Organizer : DSO
IT Road Show(II)
27 July
Coordinated with external vendors(softwares)
E-school 2011, Tatarstan
13-18 Sept
Combined preso with ChowCW and Adeline Tan
Informatics Seminar for Teachers 2011
“Animations for Teaching and Assessment
29 Sept
Nanyang Polytechnic
Facilitated in the ivle training
23-4 Nov
Science, math, EL, humanities dept