These were the courses or sharing done in 2012

Sharing on “The link between F1 and chemistry” , won 2nd for Semester II 2011 innovation award
6 Jan
Combined staff meeting

Sharing on ivle – record book
10 Jan
Science dept

Sharing on ivle - lesson
31 Jan
Science dept

Sharing on ICT
31 Jan
Korean personnel

Sharing on Conceptboard
27 Mar
Science dept

Icube winner 2nd on “R&R in blended style”
22 Jun
Combined staff meeting

World of Materials Science, DSO
28 Jun

Turning learning upside down
Sharing on flipped classroom
Science dept

Sharing on “cacoo” diagramming
18 Sept
Science dept

Workshop on “Videos? No Hassles”
20 Sept
Co share with Adeline and Vivien

Presented on “Flipped, Unflipped and Flipped Again!” for BTPA 2012
Won 2nd
31 Oct
Staff meeting