For all mentors and mentees, we are advised to share our "success" stories with the rest of the community in MOE.
You can upload your lessons to ICT Connection via Edumall at
Log in ID is your NRIC and password is your edumall password.

For lesson plan, you have to submit online, there are no forms for you to fill in. Since it is web-based, the following file consists of all questions extracted from the online form. Please type your responses in word document first. Once log in, you can cut and paste.
Please archive your submission HERE so that others may be able to have a look at your success stories.

Before submission, please check that you have met the 
Lesson Examples Submission Guidelines
This is the set of guidelines a lesson submission should follow:
|| Criteria
On-going implementation, or was implemented within the past 2 years.
Pedagogical soundness
Choice of ICT tool(s) facilitates intended learning outcomes as described in the lesson specific instructional objectives (SIO).
Choice of ICT tool(s) best suits the intended learning outcomes as described in the SIOs.
Self-Directed Learning (SDL)
Fosters development of self-directed learners.
Collaborative Learning (CoL)
Uses ICT to support collaborative learning.

To help another teacher carry out the lesson that you have shared, each submission must be accompanied by a lesson plan, and one or more of the following:
  • Handouts for students
  • Assessment rubrics
  • PPT during lesson
  • Samples of students' work
  • Self-created media (e.g. pictures, video/audio clips)
  • Any other resources

In addition, you may also elaborate on
  • the preparatory work and setup required before the lesson can be carried out (e.g. acquisition of hardware/software, professional development for teachers etc.)
  • how students create meaning through the mediation of ICT
  • whether the ICT can be used to teach other topics of the same subject
  • whether the lesson can be easily adapted and implemented in another classroom