Schedule for Phase 4 ICT Mentorship 2011

23-25 Mar
Republic Poly,0800-1730h
3 days
Stage 1 : ICT Mentor Training Programme

20 April
Webinar 1 : How ICT Facilitates Instructional Strategies
Did not attend. Wrote to ETO bcos cant see archive
28 June
Found two mentees
  • Mrs Ng-Ang Siew Hoon(PC/Science)
  • Mdm Nada Nurwani Ng(biology)
5 July
HCI CF2,1400-1600h
School based meeting with ICT Mentors, Cluster ETO Cindy Chan(MOE)
  • to reiterate the roles and objectives of the ICT Mentor Programme
  • to communicate expectations of the roles of ICT Mentors
  • to discuss the progress in harnessing ICT in teaching and learning
  • to discuss the type of support structures needed.
22 July
Webinar 2 : How ICT Facilitates SDL &CoL
using adobe connect pro
20-21 July
Fuhua Primary School
Stage 2 : Coaching Course
Sign up [Edmodo | Home] for ICT Phase 4 West Cluster on 16 June
29 July
Gan Eng Seng Sec Sch,1430-1600h
Phase 4 ICT F-2-F
Must upload lesson plan onto ICT Connect, Edumall
upload a lesson onto ICT Connection on 8 Nov 2011
24 Aug
Webinar 3 : How ICT Facilitates Problem-based Learning
using adobe connect pro
16 Sept
Webinar 4 : How ICT Facilitates Inquiry-based Learning
Cant attend. Not in town. Already informed ETO
22 Sept
HCI(tentative date)
School based meeting with ICT Mentors, Cluster ETO Cindy Chan(MOE)
14 Oct
Webinar 5 : How ICT Facilitates Assessment for Learning
changed to 28 Oct
cant attend.
Invigilation at DHS, already informed ETO
Participated in the Pre-Webinar on 20 Oct
17 Jan 2012
Webinar 6 : Coaching Process for ICT Mentors