The ICT Mentor Programme

What is the ICT Mentor Programme about?

It is organised as part of the mp3 goal to support schools in building a critical mass of ICT teacher advocates or champions to develop and cascade effective ICT practices in schools.
Each school selects 4 ICT Mentors and each mentor will coach two teachers to become effective users of ICT for learning and teaching.
The ICT Mentor Programme is implemented over 5 phrases, from 2010 to 2012 with the ICT Mentors being trained and supported for a one-year period.

The key components of the ICT Mentor Programme include:
A. 5 day face-to-face workshops on
  • effective use of ICT
  • coaching
B. 4 hour face-to-face sessions on
  • subject-based to network and share lesson ideas and good practices to deepen pedagogical understanding on ICT use
  • school-based to reflect on the experience and challenges in carrying out their personal mentoring plan´╗┐
C. 10 to 20 hour Webinars and participation in online discussions.